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The bees make the honey from the pollen they collect of flowering trees and plants.
Our honey carries a tropical taste and comes in it’s most natural form.
No additives, no dilution and no coloring, ever.

An easily digestible pure food.
It has superb antibacterial qualities.
Honey itself is used by the bees for food all year round. 

It is a natural sweetener which will remove granulated sugar completely from your diet.
Consuming raw high quality honey will fend off allergies and strengthen the immune system.

What you don’t know about your honey may surprise you.

There is a reason we never heat our honey – ( we call it “Cold Extracted” ).  Simply because we live in the tropics.  We do not experience winter like weather and as such no heating is necessary to process our honey.  Also, we have patience.  We are not into the gigantic commercial sized operation that pays employees by the hour.  No.  We are employee owned and patient enough to wait on our product to settle properly and to drain at it’s normal rate.  We will not compromise on quality as we ensure premium product with all it’s natural benefits are slowly, and we do mean slowly poured into each jar of honey we produce.  We pride ourselves in top notch stuff.


As mentioned before, we do not follow the big boys.  For they heat, pasteurized and overly filter their honey and sometimes there is little indication that it ever came from a flower in the first place.   Their product is stripped of pollen, enzymes, & nutrients making it just a little better than corn syrup.  Raw honey on the other hand is antimicrobial and has a naturally long shelf life.

So why is honey processed?

The truth is in packaging costs.  Cold honey runs very slowly, so heating honey above one hundred degrees lowers costs by greatly increasing production speed.  Heat is also required to pump honey when bottled by machines.  The desire for perfect color, clarity, & consistency, inspires many bad practices within the industry.  However these commercial practices are not employed by us here at Ruebees, as we remain true to the art of harvesting honey by traditional methods in order to maintain superior quality honey.  Taste buds tell the truth and don’t lie.  The proof is in the tasting and testing of this sweet tropical treat.

Raw vs. Cold Extracted.

Naturally, you might think your local health food store has “unheated” honey.

“Raw” honey may not be pasteurized, but honey that is labeled “raw” can still be heat treated. Now when heated,  vibrant flavors and delicate properties are altered.  If you pay for raw honey, why not make sure it’s worth every penny and why pay “honey” prices for “corn syrup” labeled as honey?

Try ours and taste the difference.  Purchase the good stuff from us.  Your body will thank you later and your taste buds will declare the truth in the things we say about our tropical flavored Jamaican Honey.  We are truly committed to bringing you the very best, because we believe nature intended it that way.  Try our products and taste the absolute difference.