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Be informed about the benefits that a jar of our naturally extracted honey will bring to your table.


This product is derived from the bee keeping process in very limited quantities per colony or apiary.  It has been recommended for a great variety of purposes: namely, to retard the aging process, for menopause, correction of under-nutrition, for arthritis, vascular diseases, peptic ulcers, liver ailments, nervous instability, skin problems, improvement of sexual functions, general health and well being.


If you are looking for purity then try the cut comb in which you will be experiencing honey in its truest, purest, most delectable form.  No other form of honey can match honey in the comb for delivering the exquisite flavors and aromas in a completely immaculate and untouched state.  This is honey in its natural form sealed off by the bees themselves and perfectly preserved.


This golden natural sweetener is filled with exotic tropical goodness.  We maintain traditional methods of harvesting, extracting and bottling which produces premium quality product.  Honey is used by the bees for food all year round and there are many types, colors and flavors of honey, depending upon the nectar source which the bees collect from.  Honey has excellent antibacterial qualities.

Here is a short list of the many benefits:

  • Honey can lower blood sugar levels.

  • Honey can balance metabolism.

  • Honey can improve restful sleep.

  • Honey can increase energy.

  • Honey can improve the bodies immune system.

  • Honey can improve the taste of all baked goods.

  • Honey can be used as a beauty product.

  • Honey can be applied to wounds and scars to aid with healing.


  • Honey can be substituted for granulated sugar in all things.

  • Honey can be gifted to any family member to enjoy, all year long.

  • Honey can never expire, it has an amazingly unlimited shelf life.

In the end we have a life sustaining source of energy.  With many different sugars, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, pollen, enzymes, & nutrients etc. there is no debate that honey is a super food, but it must be absolutely Un-processed.


We love it when people taste our exotic tropical goodness for the first time.  Typically they request another jar of our incredible all natural unprocessed honey that tastes so good.

Our unheated honey caries a vibrancy you won’t find in stores.  It is cold extracted, never heated-never filtered, leaving natures goodness in the honey.


We are truly committed to bringing you the very best honey possible in a jar, because we believe nature intended it that way and we take pride in producing top notch stuff.  Get yours today!