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We are passionate about traditional sustainable honey production and are committed to ensuring the honey you love and consume every day is trustworthy and pure.

The story of honey is older than history itself, and it has been used for medicine and more by cultures all over the world.

As a small family of longtime beekeepers we care mostly about the welfare of our bees.

This is because honey bees are extremely important to our planet as they make the pollination of plants possible while busily collecting pollen for the hive.  We therefore take very good care of our bees with time and patience.  They in turn usually make more honey than their colony needs, and we are rewarded with the excess, which we harvest and bottle for all to enjoy.  We exercise ourselves in using only old time traditional methods in our bee keeping practices, just like we have been taught by our fathers since childhood.

As for our busy bees, they simply carry on just like they’ve been doing since the beginning of time.


The not-so-sweet news is that beekeepers are experiencing higher than average losses.  This bee health decline has been linked to a variety of factors including pesticides, predators, pests, diseases, forage and nutrition.  However, this is where we differ and excel by using simplicity and common sense practices to keep our hives healthy and vibrantly buzzing.

Bee Buzz

Bees face danger on many different threat levels and eliminating each one is our responsibility.  Maintaining the grounds around the apiaries is done by hand and a machete.  There are no pesticides, no toxic weed killers or chemicals in our operation.  We keep ants and lizards away by elevating our boxes on metal stilts surrounded by water moats.  Then there are certain birds that desires to make the bees a delicacy and we make a meal of those natural predators with BB pellets powered by air-soft rifles.  Even human traffic is monitored on our seventy acre farm, because the bees are critical to the health of our planet and food chain.  As beekeepers, we are ever mindful to apply best practices that supports bee health and productivity.  Our brood chambers are doubled to provide adequate honey for the bees after harvesting and this means we do not need to feed our bees any sugar substitute during the season of non flowering plants.

These are just a few of our best practice methods which has worked well in keeping our operation up and running for years.


Supporting bee health involves nutrition, well-maintained apiaries, and also paying special attention to clean pesticide free forage and proper hive placement.
We are committed to working to protect honey bee production and health, as well as to raise consumer awareness about the importance of these bees.

Your purchase today indirectly contributes to a good cause in maintaining the resources that refreshes and preserves our planet, and for this we thank you in advance.

The bees are important and not just for their honey: for the whole welfare of the planet depends on their colonies.

Aerodynamically, the bee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bee doesn’t know it so it goes on flying anyway.

We are about bringing you a pure natural product.  Real sweetness which satisfies  your demand for flavour and true goodness.

I personally know that you will enjoy getting the real stuff .  So, place an order right now and experience the excellent benefits of true purity.

I also want to thank you for visiting  and for giving me the opportunity to serve you,  as your purchase today will continue to promote traditional organic ” old tyme ” Bee rearing methods, but most importantly your purchase counts as participation in saving the Bees, which we all need.

Now.. Don’t delay.

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High Quality Pure Jamaican Honey.